Music Ministries

“How many sacred works have been composed through the centuries by people deeply imbued with the sense of the mystery! The faith of countless believers has been nourished by melodies flowing from the hearts of other believers, either introduced into the liturgy or used as an aid to dignified worship. In song, faith is experienced as vibrant joy, love and confident expectation of the saving intervention of God” (Pope John Paul II’s Letter to Artists, n. 12).

There are so many wonderful opportunities to share your faith through music at St Gabriel’s Parish. These opportunities are outlined below. 

Saturday Evening Choir

The ‘Saturday Evening Choir’ sings at the 6.00 p.m. Mass on Saturday evenings.
The music is a mixture of traditional hymns and Latin motets. E.g. Holy God We Praise Your Name and Mozart’s Ave Verum.
Who Can Join?:
Anyone who likes to sing and has two hours a week to spare.
The choir rehearses from 5.00 p.m. to 5.50 p.m. on Saturday and then sings at the Mass at 6.00 p.m.
This means we only have to give up one evening in the week.
While the ideal is everyone attends every week this, of course, is not practical. What we ask is that people attend every Saturday they are free.
Do You Need to Read Music?:
Not at all – we practice the music until everyone is comfortable with it. The split of members who can and cannot read music is about 50/50:
All are welcome.
Why not come along some Saturday and give us a try, we would love to have you.

Folk Group Choir

The folk group choir sings every Sunday at the 10:30am family mass. Practices are held on Wednesdays at 8.00p.m. in conference room, entrance behind the church.

If interested come and talk to any choir member any Sunday morning.
Youth Group Choir

Led by Aisling Molloy
The youth group choir sings every Sunday at the 6pm family mass. Practices are held before each mass starting at 5pm.
The youth group choir under the name of “Spiritual Harmony” produced a CD to raise funds for YAP (Youth Advocate Ireland)
If interested come and talk to Aisling any Sunday evening.
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