Annual Financial Report

Address Main Report from Finance Committee Chairman

Dear Parishioners,
The financial information for the Parish in 2016 shows the combined figure for the Parish Centre and the Church for the first time, with an overall shortfall of €7,500. 

The Parish Centre contributes to the life of the Parish and the wider community in many ways. Bequests helped finance major refurbishment work on the Parish Centre during the summer of 2017. The financial impact will appear in the 2017 accounts, but the practical benefits are already being experienced by those who use the Parish Centre. 

The Parish took on the Meals on Wheels service at the beginning of 2017. We believe this is a practical benefit for parishioners and other locals, not just for those receiving the meals but also for everyone who volunteers. 

The financial information for the parish is part of the annual return which the Parishes of the Archdiocese of Dublin (CRA 20016166) makes to the Charities Regulatory Authority. The Diocese has coordinated compliance with the detailed financial requirements of the Charities Act and the Parish’s financial contribution to the setup costs will appear in the 2017 accounts. There will be an annual contribution as well. 

The Parish was chosen by random selection for more detailed examination by PwC as part of its 2016 Audit and no major issues arose. We look forward to any recommendations the auditor may make on how we can further improve our systems.

The tax scheme is very important to us. If the taxpayer donates at least €250 in a calendar year then the Parish can apply to the Revenue Commissioners for a refund of c44% (€110 refund for €250 donation). If your family offering contributions are just short of the €250 threshold (e.g. €20 a month = €240), you might consider an additional amount before the end of the year.

Kevin Hoy (Chairman, Finance Committee)
Finance Receipts and Payments Account (Audited) 

                                                                          Year Ended
                                                                            Dec 2016
RECEIPTS                                                            €

Tax Refunds                                                         21,492
Shrines / Candles                                                18,554
Special Events                                                        1,622
Sundry Receipts.                                                  5,483
Parish Centre Income                                     122,481


Wages/Contract/Helpers                                139,597
Heat and Light                                                   24,320
Maintenance and Services                             30,689
Insurance                                                              11,768
Telephone, Postage, Printing                           7,891
Bank Fees                                                              1,250
Altar Supplies / Missalettes                              8,805
Pastoral and Training                                        8,539
Property Tax/ Water Charges                          3,956
Professional Fees                                                  528
Other Expenses                                                  4,232

Net Payments / Receipts                               (7,500) 

Donations/ Bequests                                    101,620
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